2007 OPGA Fall Freezer Show Results


Our 2007 OPGA Fall Freezer was Nov. 10th. It was the last show of the year. Here are the results: OPGA members are in red.
Judge was Tammi Josephson from CA.

Best Wether - Bizbomb Acres Beeper O’Malley - Lowell (picture below)

Res. Best Wether - Timberland Farm Easy Decision - Ballard-Seibel
Jr.Ch Doe - SuKe’s Locust Kids Suri - Engelke/Wiseman
Res. Jr.Ch Doe - Jeff’s Classics Country Classic - Smith (picture below)

Sr. & GrCh Doe - Scotchwood Farm Zipporah EX 2:16:21 - Swift
Res.Sr. & Res. GrCh Doe - G & B Farm Sadee - George
Jr.Ch Buck - Agnes Dei Xtraordinary Rocky-Rhode - Jackson/Miles
Res. Jr.Ch Buck - B-S Acres Raiden - Ballard-Seibel
Sr. & GrCh Buck - Agnes Dei Wallowa - Jackson/Miles
Res.Sr. & Res. GrCh Buck - SuKe’s Locust Kids Vegas - Engelke/Wiseman (picture below)

Congrats to all the winners.

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